The L'ESOTICO Wisada - exotic kingdom.



Authentic Italian look-a-like Crocodile & Ostrich Leather

Two sizes available : Small & Large

Price available on request



This astonishing and inspirational collection rises just before the spring when both the ostrich and crocodile are in their breeding season. After the success of the Wisada Winter ’15 collection, animal skins, understanding animals further and the behavior of these living creatures inspired Ayah. For crocodiles, the breeding season is typically mid-winter; meaning the birth of their offspring is in March. For Ostriches, their breeding season runs at various times depending on the hemisphere in which they are located. Having researched the attitude of various reproduction timings, L’Esotico celebrates both the end and the beginning of the procreation cycles, introduction a new generation into the world.


Ayah Al Bitar comments; “There is a balance between purchasing a piece that speaks to who you are, but also has longevity to it. My collections withstand the test of time and are passed down from generation to generation. I’d like to think that my collection brings these ideals in easy access and spurs a personal creativity within the home. 


Taking design one step further from the Winter ’15 collection, Ayah continued her research on the Springbok fur from the previous collection, triggering her inspiration further into the animal kingdom, the beauty of the skin, the pattern and finding the highest quality replicas. L’Estico collection uses bi-cast leather, Lamb or Calfskin, keeping in mind Ostrich and Crocodiles are on the verge of extinction. L’esotico communicates and conveys the luxury, opulence and splendor of exotic skins through texture, feel and look without causing the exquisite animals any harm. 


The newly launched L’esotico focuses on exposing different materials and understanding them well. It’s a reminder of how materials can make us feel a certain way, trigger an emotion and communicate a specific message. 

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